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Political Correctness Run Amuck

America is at a crossroad. Do we survive with an army too small to confront the problems ahead or one too [getloud]


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Quandary of a Societal Meltdown – Weekly News Awards

Complaints on anger from healthcare cuts caused by Obamacare at University of Missouri to Halloween costumes [getloud]


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Colonel Jim Waurishuk


The U.S. Middle East Policy of “Strategic Ambiguity” and Russia’s Take Charge Approach

Obama’s last ditch efforts to beef up its military response in the Middle East smack of fear as the desire [getloud]

Author Therese Tappouni


Thanksgiving + Terror: Tips To Balance Our Lives

As we approach Thanksgiving, the time of year I love best, my heart is challenged to feel the usual gratitude [getloud]

Author Dianne Marshall


Ben Carson and the Bullying Impact

How does Ben Carson do it? I wondered how he can so boldly stand by his past bully actions that could have [getloud]

Ironman Kelly Murphy


Lightning Bolts Shattered My Thoughts…

Thoughts are random. Feelings are fickle. Emotions derail, flare up, tumble down and astoundingly spin around [getloud]

Out Loud America Radio Commentary


The Blind Eye. The Deaf Ear. The Silent Mouth.

Clashes with police, chaos in the streets and a city burns. It has become a scene all too often repeated [getloud]