Chinese Victims of U.S. Hacking Says Defense Ministry

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China’s military complains that overseas computer hackers targeted two of its websites almost 150,000 times per month last year, with most all of the attacks originating from the U.S.

The Chinese Defense Ministry stated: “Like other countries, China faces a serious threat from hackers and is one of the primary victims of stolen intellectual property in the world.”

This is in response to recent claims that the Chinese government and military have infiltrated overseas networks and stolen massive amounts of data from U.S. companies and military suppliers. The financial, auto and information technology industries are consistent targets in the U.S.

Military-tied companies like Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney are hit regularly. The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal have also been compromised by cyber-stalking from China.

China’s political leaders vehemently denied the allegations, and the Chinese military said it has never supported any hacking activity.

Sounds like a game of Chinese Checkers!

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