Healthcare Crisis: Shortage of Doctors

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The goal of healthcare for everyone may be hindered by a severe shortage of doctors! There are fewer doctors than ever before going into private practice. In 2005, at least two-thirds of practices were in private hands. That figure has dropped to less than half today — and is expected to sink below 40 percent by next year. Many doctors, specifically those who have just completed a resident specialty, are now choosing not to enter private practice in the first place. Instead, they’re heading to salaried positions at large hospitals. Obamacare will only exacerbate these trends.

The Association of American Medical Colleges predicts that by 2020, the shortage of physicians will amount to more than 90,000. Why the shortfall?

  1. The baby boom generation is getting older and will require more medical care in the coming years.
  2. A third of all doctors plan to retire this decade.
  3. The newly enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will soon require most people to obtain health insurance, leading millions more to seek care.

Understanding the trends and options available to you can make all the difference. You can find out more on the plight of healthcare by watching…   HealthCare For Everyone But No Doctors

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