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Hundreds of Boy Scout Leaders have been arrested for sexual abuse. National stats indicate that Pedophiles sexually abuse an average of 171 victims in their lifetime. Thousands of young boys have been impacted!

An Oregon Supreme Court had previously ordered the release of over 20,000 pages of internal files on the mishandling of thousands of cases of suspected and convicted pedophiles. Just this week a California state appellate court has denied the Boy Scouts of America’s request to reverse a Santa Barbara judge’s order to turn over confidential files on alleged sexual abuse spanning two decades.

The Boy Scouts Scandal is a National TRAGEDY that has escaped the attention of the national media.

Lawyers for a former Scout, who was 13 when a volunteer leader sexually abused him in 2007, contend that the files will expose a “culture of hidden sexual abuse” in Scouting and the organization’s failure to warn boys and their parents. The lawsuit alleges that a local Scout official tried to keep the boy’s mother from reporting the crime to police, citing that as an example of efforts to conceal abuse in Scouting.

Join me along with Judy Cornett from Predator Patrol in our quest to rid America of these criminals and to educate parents on the danger that is lurking in your schools, churches, sports and scouts…

WATCH:  Boy Scouts Scandal: No Honor, No Values, No Media Coverage

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