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“We have today been informed that our meatballs could contain traces of horsemeat”

Ikea, which sells bags of frozen meatballs in the small food sections of its huge furniture stores, pulled the product from shelves in 16 countries.

“All meatballs sold in our Ikea US stores are sourced from a US supplier,” Ikea indicated that there was no horsemeat in its popular meatballs sold in the US – after the Swedish furniture giant withdrew possibly horsemeat-tainted meatballs from stores in Europe.

The question is…. should Ikea be held responsible for the scandal when the horsemeat unsuspectedly came from their supplier?

This is not the first time that ready-made food products sold in supermarkets have shown traces of horsemeat being used in place of beef.

The bigger question is…. who is that buys meatballs in a furniture store anyways!

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