NASA Reaches Higher… Despite Budget Cuts

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As NASA prepares for a new generation of space flight, the Washington budget battles cut into the space program’s aggressive expansion.

President Obama’s recent budget cuts to the space program would leave the agency funded at its lowest level in four years. Many thought that the end of the space shuttle program might very well mean the end of NASA. Despite the budget cuts the space agency is not only alive and well… but has big plans for the future.

NASA is designing and building the capabilities to send humans to explore the solar system, working toward a goal of landing humans on Mars. NASA is also moving forward with the development of the Space Launch System– an advanced heavy-lift launch vehicle that will provide an entirely new national capability for human exploration beyond Earth’s orbit.

An unprecedented array of missions that will seek to better understand the solar system and the universe… through a series of public and private enterprises… NASA is planning to change the rules of space once again!

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