The Bankrupting of America

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You’re hearing a great deal about our increasing national debt, the reckless spending and the bankrupting of America. But what does it all mean?

It means that you’ll be paying more in taxes, more interest on money, your automobiles, your house and school loans will all cost more. It means that groceries and gas will affect you and your family. It means you’ll be leaving a massive debt to your kids and your grandkids. It means this generation has screwed up royally!

Which really means that Americans need to stand up, get loud and do something about it – obviously our political leaders seem incapable of handling the crisis.

So are we heading in the right direction? Well of course you already know the answer to that question! If something isn’t done soon to rectify and reverse the situation, America will be heading to the graveyard of defeated countries that self-imploded.

These are tough times, no doubt, and you can expect more rough seas ahead if our political leaders continue to hide from the truth and deflect these burdens onto future generations. There is one thing that can be done: FIRE THE POLITICIANS and start all over again.

Possibly a clean sweep of both Democrats and Republicans within all senior positions might just be the only chance we have of fixing this looming disaster.

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